Turnkey IoT Solutions

Sensors, gateways, cloud-based platform, web and mobile applications for simple and complex applications. We have got it all covered!

Developing IoT Solutions

Hardware development for IoT, electronics design of low power secure hardware for battery powered devices with long lifespan adhering to industry standards

Cloud platform for IoT

Visualisation, processing and alerts. Data analytics, infographics and dashboards. Integrate your services flexibly and securely with API to your existing systems.

Technology design and development for the Internet Of Things

We want to simplify the everyday life of our customer's businesses by offering new IoT solutions. The world is getting increasingly connected, bringing a wide range of new opportunities to do things in a better and smarter way.

Driven by innovation, we are focused on design, implementation, and deployment of end-to-end IoT solutions. We offer all required components and functionality from hardware devices equipped with sensors, gateways, integration with the cloud-based platform including data analytics, remote management, as well as the client website and mobile applications.

Ferenc Mózsa

Founder, CEO

Csilla Bors

Office Consultant

István Német

Development & Project Manager